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Peter Khan, MBA, P.Eng., principal of JPK Associates has been preparing SR&ED claims since 1989.

Peter is licensed Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience in production, quality, engineering, finance, human resources, administration, product development and IT.  He has strong analytical, organizational, managerial, conceptual and problem solving skills with the ability to assess and understand new technologies and processes.

In 2004, Peter launched JPK Associates to focus full time on SR&ED consulting services. JPK's team of professionals includes engineers, IT specialists, industrial designers and accountants. Collectively, we have more than 40 years experience in assisting companies with their SR&ED submissions.

Our SR&ED Team consists, not of accountants or engineers, but "accountaneers"; our culture is built on absolute success; our strategies produce winning claims because they are built on a solid foundation of Science, Financials and SR&ED Law; we maximize our client's claims while minimizing their risk.

We are leading the charge in expanding the scope of SR&ED Law to ensure those who deserve this tax credit are eligible and take advantage of the program.


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